One Family Decided To Quit The American Dream And Sail The Seas With A Lucky Cat

They sold everything they had, quit their jobs, and bought a boat.

Once they had their sailing chops under their belts, the only thing missing was a furry companion.

She’s visited over 16 countries by way of boat.

She even tried her paws at swimming while the boat was docked, jumping off the bow and climbing up the ladder in the back.

She’s definitely one of the most well-traveled kitties out there.

From the Bahamas, to Colombia, and Spain’s Canary Islands, this kitty has traveled the world in style.

Matt and Jessica have also had quite the adventure…

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that this handsome family has really got it all figured out…

Ten years ago they had no idea this adventure was in store for them…

But traveling the seas with their favorite kitty has only made their bond stronger.

When they’re not on the boat…

They’re showing Georgie all the beautiful sights there are to see.

Letting her explore all the nooks and crannies wherever they set anchor that day.

She even likes to do chores on the mainland with Mom!

We can’t wait to see where this world traveler goes next!


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