Our Favorite Pieces of Wall Art Aren’t All Paintings

We’ve already told you that you shouldn’t limit your wall art to stuff in frames. Utilizing wall space is a smart solution for trinkets you pick up while traveling, knickknacks that you don’t have shelf space for, and even larger items, like your favorite throws when you aren’t cuddled up in them.

For added inspiration, —everything from a racquet​ and plates to cookie molds and musical instruments. It’s time to lose your hang-ups​ about what works as wall art:

(Photo: Amanda Sims/Food52)

(Photos: Sarah Jampel/Food52)

(Photo: Caroline Lange/Food52)

(Photos: Leslie Stephens/Food52)

(Photo: Lindsay-Jean Hard/Food52

(Photo: Bridget Williams/Food52)

(Photos: Lindsay-Jean Hard/Food52)

And if you need further proof:

(Photo: Rocky Luten/Food52)

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