People Are Not Happy About This Calvin Klein Ad

The latest Calvin Klein campaign features an up-skirt image of a model (Photo: Instagram/calvinklein)

They’re famed for the sexy underwear campaigns, but Calvin Klein’s latest ad campaign featuring an up-skirt style photo of a model, has whipped the Internet up into an angry frenzy.  

The advertisement features a picture looking up the skirt of 23-year-old Danish actress, Klara Kristin, with the slogan “I flash in #mycalvins” along with the Instagram caption, “Take a peek.”

Since the fashion house posted it on Instagram earlier this week, some have blasted the image claiming it promotes dangerous behaviour toward women and labelling it as “creepy.”

“I’m so sick of advertisers doing this. Parading teenage girls as sex symbols and advertising women’s stuff in overtly sexualized ways,” wrote one user.

“One word – DISTURBING!” added another.

“Normalizing something that happens to women all the time without their consent is pretty gross,” commented one woman.

But not everyone had a problem with the advert and many stepped in to defend the fashion brand’s decision to run the ad.

“Very edgy and creative…I like it… no different than Mark Wahlberg in his Calvins!” wrote one user.

“No different than a bathing suit. People need to get a life!!!” added another.

“They are primarily an underwear brand… their brand personality is risky, daring and sexy. If you don’t like it.. Don’t follow it,” another put simply.

The image is part of the fashion brand’s spring ad campaign called ‘Erotica,’ which, as the name suggests, is pretty racy. Featuring a shot of the the top of someone’s bottom popping out of their jeans with the slogan #belfie and Kendall Jenner posing with a grapefruit (subtley has never been the underwear lines strong suit), the new campaign has been criticized by some for being overtly sexual.  

Calvin Klein’s new spring campaign has been accused by some of being overtly sexual (Photos: Calvin Klein/Harley Weir)

But some industry insiders have praised Calvin Klein’s creative license. Peter Davis, editor-at-large of Paper Magazine, said the latest campaign is nothing new for the brand.

“A peek up actress Klara Kristin’s skirt to glimpse her CK panties is not kiddie porn – it’s sexy and sex sells,” Mr Davis told FOX News.

“No one knows how to sell underwear and fragrances and clothing by promoting scandalous sex better than Calvin Klein.”

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