Pesky Tornado Photobombs Prom Photos

Pesky Tornado Photobombs Prom Photos

Lauren Tuck

News Editor
May 9, 2016

Tornadoes tore through Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma over the weekend, but even the extreme weather couldn’t ruin prom.  

Before attending their dance, which was not canceled despite the inclement weather, Ali Marintzer and Charlie Bator took photos outside in their formal attire. With Marintzer in a navy blue two-piece look and Converse sneakers and her boyfriend wearing a tuxedo, the couple, who attend Wray High School in Wray, Colo., decided to pose in front of a small funnel cloud forming in the distance. The pair thought the dark skies would make for a cool backdrop — but little did they know that the tornado would gain force and serve as a pretty special photobomb. 

The teenagers were never in danger, as the tornado was about 3 miles away. The prom was delayed about 45 minutes to ensure that all students were safe. 


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