Pets On Pets On Pets – These Awesomely Cute Animals Have Their Own Furbabies

1. There’s nothing like a snuggle after a long day on the farm.

2. “She’s the only one who knows how to quack me up.”

3. “She’s a handful, but she’s mine.”

4. “Don’t worry, little buddy, I’ve got you.”

5. Not just a truce, but a friendship.

6. Humans aren’t the only ones who start to look like their pets…

7. “She gets so tuckered out after we play fetch.”

8. “Okay, now I’m going to teach you how to shake.”

9. “Take me to the kibble, steed!”

10. “Can I keep him? Please, mom??”

11. “You can hold him, but you have to promise to be gentle.”

12. She loves taking her cat on long walks.

13. “Your whiskers tickle!”

14. They take turns napping and standing guard.

15. “I knew I should have picked something smaller at the pet store.”

16. The upkeep for her cub is pretty easy since they share milk.

17. Capybaras love cats…who knew?

18. Sorry, pup, the cat claimed her for a pet first.

19. “Someday I’ll show you the world.”

20. She had another nightmare about bacon.

21. It might be time for this pooch find some new jokes.

22. It’s been smooth sailing since she got used to his quills.

23. “My cat is cuter than yours.”

24. “When do I get to be as big as you?”

25. “It’s a love bite, I swear.”


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