Pink's Response to A Bunch Of People Body Shaming Her Is An Absolute Inspiration

This is the dress Pink wore to the benefit. Not only is the dress beautiful, but she looks great as well.

A lot of people responded to the photo on Twitter negatively and criticized her weight. 

Pink casually responded with this heartfelt note to all the haters.

BOOM. Pink wins. 

She said her husband is in love with every single part of her and sent this perfect tweet that says it all.

And she posted this darling pic of her and her daughter.

Pink's response to all this negativity is something to be admired.

It is sad today to see people so cruel and full of hate that they need to constantly be putting other people down. Pink has done some amazing performances in the past where she awes audiences with how much strength she has. It is completely ridiculous to criticize her for the photo shown above. 

This is her stunning performance at The Grammy's in 2014…It's literally full of physical activity and would require so much strength and muscle it is not even funny.

I mean, seriously…who can do this?!? 

Basically, Pink rocks it. Everyone could learn from her to try and brush things off, because the bullies out there shouldn't be taken seriously.

Keep being awesome, Pink!