Proof That When People Get Puppies, They Can’t Help But Be REALLY REALLY HAPPY

1. Aww, it’s almost like the real thing!

And then…the switcheroo!

I think she’s pretty happy with the replacement.

2. Accurate response is accurate.

Instant besties.

3. This is what it looks like when dreams come true.

Tiny, fluffy, snuggly dreams.

4. She has to grab some fresh air before she passes out from happiness.

We totally understand.

5. A very merry Christmas morning.

They were both on the good list this year.

6. She’s all smiles!

And then come the tears…

But her new buddy can take care of that.

7. Dance, dance…wait.

Shock and awww.

The tiny guy will never have to look far for a friend.

8. Just a normal homework session…oh, hello.

Homework schmomework.

9. The other pup can’t wait for her to see the new guy!

I think he’s pretty happy, too.

10. He is so excited and he just can’t hide it.

Happiest dad ever.

11. Peak happiness level: achieved.

Christmas came early for both of them.

12. When you’re too excited to walk normally.

Because everything is puppy and perfect.

Yep, she’s in love.

13. Well, that was easy to open…Oh!

A sweet pom for a sweet grandmom.

14. The tinier they are, the bigger the reaction.

So, so tiny!


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