Rainbow Lashes Are Popping Up All Over the Internet

Rainbow Lashes Are Popping Up All Over the Internet

Lash technician lashbeautyxo created a striking look using pink, purple, and blue hues. (Photo: Instagram/lashbeautyxo)

It seems that rainbows are everywhere these days. Between celebrities dyeing their hair every hyper-colored shade imaginable to Bitter Lace Beauty’s Prism rainbow highlighter that nearly broke the Internet recently, you can’t escape the rainbow.

Now rainbow lashes are popping up all over Instagram. Some are achieving the look by applying mascara in a variety of shades, working in sections, while others use multi-colored lash extensions for a vibrant pop of color. You can even do it by swiping on clear mascara, using an eyeliner or lip brush to apply different bright shades of eyeshadow, and then sealing it with another coat of clear mascara.

Here’s a look at how some people are stepping away from basic black and brown and are pulling off these bright, happy hues on their lashes.

(Photo: Instagram/aysouda_the_queen)

Instagram user aysouda_the_queen shared a photo featuring various shades of color mascara applied in a clumpy fashion to create bright spider lashes.

(Photo: Instagram/FineLash)

Fine Lash shared a photo of rainbow lash extensions that mimic the color spectrum, noting that they make the perfect accessory for celebrating gay pride.

(Photo: Instagram/thegallerybridgend)

The Gallery of Hair and Beauty shared their take on the trend by using lash extensions and mixing up the colors of the rainbow, rather than keeping them in order.

(Photo: Instagram/bangbangksju)

Want to try out rainbow lashes, but aren’t ready to jump into the vibrant end of the pool just yet? Instagram user bangbangksju’s subtle-looking lashes with more muted hues is a good place to start.

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