Remember Postcards? Updated App Sends Them from Your Smartphone (Deal of the Day)

Remember postcards? Those quick missives you’d send from wherever your travels took you to the folks back home? With a picture of something that amused you from your trip on one side and a quick note on the other? Ringing a bell yet? I miss them. But I don’t miss the need to waste precious travel time sitting down to write and address them. Thus: Postly.

Here’s how it works: You take a photo with your phone, choose your recipient from your phone’s address book, and write a note. After you pay ($2), Postly prints your picture on glossy paper, addresses it, writes your note on the other side, and mails it. (You can get fancy, if you like, and turn a few photos into a collage; there are several layouts to choose from.) So you can send real, personalized postcards in the time it takes to snap a few selfies.

Sound cool? It gets cooler: I got you 50 percent off. Download the app here, then use the code in it, and your postcards will be half off.


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