Ritabrata Banerjee’s Viral Video-Scandal of Former CPM MP

A Balurghat-based woman lodged a complaint against expelled CPI-M leader Ritabrata Banerjee at Balurghat Police Station in North Bengal on Tuesday for raping her several times in his New Delhi residence after promising to marry her.

The woman (victim) submitted intimate photographs of her and Ritabrata as evidence to the police station. She has already sent a complaint to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Ministry of Women & Child Welfare and Human Rights Commission Maneka Gandhi and emailed West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

The victim, a resident of Balurghat in South Dinajpur, claimed that she came in touch with the expelled CPI-M MP in 2016 through Twitter and then visited Banerjee’s New Delhi residence on his insistence.

“We had intimate physical relationship and met several times at his New Delhi residence. Never did I know about his other girlfriend Durba Sen. I only knew that his divorce case was under process,” the victim said. She claimed that Banerjee came to her house to meet her relatives but never took her to meet his parents.

The woman went to Netherlands on October 16, 2016 for her research project on Trans Boundary River Bases under UNESCO. She claimed that Ritabrata had visited her there and they had a physical relationship. “His trip to Netherlands was funded by me. Even the watch that was the centre of controversy was also gifted by me,” the woman claimed.

According to her, Banerjee kept promising to marry her but didn’t do so. In September this year, she returned to India
and insisted he marry her. But on the pretext of suspension from CPI-M, Ritabrata refused to do .

“Then he started avoiding me. Durba Sen, his girlfriend, called me and introduced herself as his wife. She threatened me with dire
consequences. Once I managed to talk to Ritabrata and warn him that if he did not marry me I have to take the legal course. This made him transfer an amount of Rs 2.5 lakh to my bank account recently. He also wanted to bribe me by promising Rs 50 lakh. Am I a prostitute to accept the money forgetting everything?” she rued.

Reacting to the complainant’s claims, Ritabrata tweeted: “Manufactured Lies” will be combatted. Will not succumb to “politically aided” threats.”

He also attached a copy of his police complaint along with the tweet. In the complaint letter, Ritabrata claimed that he got to know her as she sought help from him for her education and he had helped her actively.

Ritabrata also claimed in his letter that “she had exerted pressure on him to extract money”.

Refuting Ritabrata’s claim, the woman said, “My parents sent me to study in IISC Bengaluru after educating me in reputed English Medium Schools. Then I became a software developer and I used to work in MNC when I met Ritabrata. There was no question of taking money from him. Instead, I used to give him valuable gifts including the Apple Watch during our relationship “.



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