Save 20 Percent on Phone-Charger Cable That You Really Can Take Anywhere

How many times have you wished you had your phone-charger cable with you? Sure, there’s probably a USB jack somewhere in your car or your hotel room, and complete strangers are often generous with their plugs and batteries. But if you don’t have the cable that connects your phone to those jacks, plugs, or batteries, your phone is going to die anyway.

So why not carry one in your wallet? That might sounds crazy, until you see this Lifelink USB cable from PlusUs. It is designed to fit in a wallet or other small space so you always have it with you. They also make some beautiful leather and denim charger cables that you will always have along because you like them the way you like your jewelry.

I got you a deal on whichever one of these charger cables best suits your phone and lifestyle. Just shop at PlusUs and use the code at checkout. That’ll get you 20 percent off either of them.


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