Save data and money with this backup power supply for your home office (Deal of the Day)

If you have a home office, and rely on it for your livelihood, preparing for power outages means more than just having a flashlight handy. Unless you plug your essential work tools into a UPS (uninterruptable power supply), a storm or power failure could cost you hours of work — which means money. In other words, a UPS is an essential business investment.

APC’s BGE50ML Back-UPS Network Backup and Mobile Power Pack is one such power supply that’ll also help you keep your mobile devices charged. Grab the removable battery pack, use it to charge your phone, tablet, or whatever, then put it back into the UPS to recharge when the power comes back on. Even if having all your critical gear connected to a UPS means that the power never goes out again, having one that doubles as an extra mobile battery is extra prudent.

Of course, being the Yahoo Tech deal maven, I got you a deal on this UPS: 10 percent off and free shipping. Just use the code when you check out at

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