Save Some Money (and Maybe Save Yourself) with this DIY Blood Pressure Monitor

Today (February 5) is National Wear Red Day, which is all about boosting awareness of heart disease in women. February is Heart Health Month. And Valentine’s Day – with all those non-anatomical hearts — is coming up soon. So I have a deal for your heart — or for the heart of someone you heart.

The QardioArm is a blood-pressure monitor that seeks to do for tracking this key health metric what FitBit did for the daily constitutional: Make it fun. It looks good on you (it comes in seven yummy colors); it enables you to track your heart data yourself; it connects to your phone to you can see what’s what; and it puts you in charge of the whole dang thing.

For this weekend only, I got you 15 percent off of the QardioArm. Go to this link at and enter the code at checkout. Just be sure you do so before the end of Sunday (February 7), when the deal ends.


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