Save Your Camera — and Some Money — with a Tough Tamrac Bag (Deal of the Day)

I once thought a camera bag was unnecessary. My DSLR is big enough, I reasoned, without lugging along a bag for it, too. Then one day, I was out in the middle of nowhere, taking some arty nature shots, when a storm blew in. My camera and I were both soaked within seconds. Unfortunately, cameras don’t recover from sudden downpours as well as humans do.

So, lesson learned: Camera bags are a good idea.

And Tamrac makes good ones: Waterproof, tough, light, and cleverly designed, they are built to take your camera gear — and other photo hardware — safely into the wild. Tamrac makes bags in every size, from small slings to full-on wilderness backpacks, that will accommodate everything from a small camera rig to lights, tripods, and everything else you might need in the field.

The good news: I got you 20 percent off the Tamrac bag of your choice. Just use the code at checkout.


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