See How A Vending Machine is Helping to Solve A Stray Animal Problem in Istanbul

To help provide for the growing number of homeless cats and dogs in Turkey, Pugedon invented a vending machine that dispenses pet food and water for stray animals.

And while that's certainly admirable enough on its own, the ingenious part is that the 'currency' the vending machines require to provide the food and water is recycled plastic bottles.

So not only do they provide for homeless cats and dogs, as well as raise both local and country-wide awareness of the immense problem…

They also help significantly contribute to the large-scale environmental problems the country has as well, like rising pollution and an increasing number of landfills.

Animal activists attribute the ever-growing issue of strays to a key, cyclical problem, according to "Animal smugglers only face a fine of a few hundred euros at worst, they continue to bring expensive pure-bred puppies and sell them to pet stores. People often buy the puppies from pet stores, and abandon them when they become too tough to handle."

That's what I call "killing two birds with one stone."

And Pugedon isn't slowing up any time soon.

They company is determined to install as many vending machines as they can afford, until enough awareness is raised to gain the support and funding that’s so desperately to end the problem.