See How This Dad Makes His Down Syndrome Son Fly In This Touching Photo Series

Lawrence plainly – and fittingly – named the adorable series, "Flying Baby"

And as you can see…

Wil enjoys showing off his acrobatics quite a bit.

Lawrence, who is not a only a gifted photographer, but talented photo editor as well…

Achieves the images by holding Wil up, then editing himself out after.

And they're simply too charming and adorable not to smile at.

By his admission, they're easily Lawrence's favorite pictures, among the thousands he's captured.

And that's probably because, for the father photographer, they hold a great deal of significance…

"These photos of Wil flying have taken on a special meaning for me as I think about the unique challenges Wil is going to face growing up…"

Hopefully one day, when he's older, Wil will find them inspiring in the way his dad always intended for them to be.

"…I hope to teach him that even with his disabilities he can do anything he puts his mind to."