She Got Sick Of Greek Stereotypes, So This Sorority Sister Launched A Brilliant Campaign

Kayleigh's digital photo series, #WeAreNotOurStereotype aims to break the stereotypes about men and women who are involved in greek life on campus.

Kayleigh spoke to BuzzFeed news about her new project saying, “I have noticed how negative the news has been surrounding Greek life. In general Greek life is made up of incredible individuals.”

Her project aims to break these stereotypes.

Kayleigh said everyone faces stereotypes, not just people in sororities or fraternities. "However, all stereotypes are terrible and need to be broken.” This project helps to do just that.

Kayleigh has said there has been some backlash about her project, but for the most part she has received positive feedback from people who have seen her photos. Check out her Facebook page to learn more.