Show ‘Em How Normcore You Are With This $67 Android Flip Phone

While browsing the many acres of Mobile World Congress 2016, I was lucky enough to stumble upon what has to be the normcore-iest smartphone at the show. Naturally, I found it at the booth of Chinese company Reeko, a specialist in the area of yesteryear-themed clamshell phones.

The brand has been developing no-frills flip phones in the realm of 2G and 3G connectivity since 2013. But its new “high-end” handset, the 4G-capable F351 Android flip, is what caught my eye. This is a device that tells people, “Look, I’m here to make a retro statement, but I also want to be able to use apps and take selfies.”


The F351 has rear and front cameras, a quad-core processor, and 8GB of storage capable of holding many MP3s. (Remember those?) Of course, if you can’t part with the modern marvel of streaming music, the F351 does operate on the fairly current Lollipop version of Android, so Spotify should be accessible.


All of the above glitz is tastefully mitigated by the phone’s appearance – a nondescript, flat black plastic shell – and by its $67 price tag. This even-handed approach creates a true slacker-bro smart flip phone, something that the flashy flip phone offerings from LG ($160) and Samsung ($1,500!) are not.

Reeko phones are not yet carried in American stores, but you can visit to learn how to buy one that’s U.S.-compatible.

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