Sign up for Spotify, Get a Free Chromecast — But Do It Quickly (Deal of the Day)

If you’ve become addicted to watching Netflix, TED Talks, or YouTube videos on your tablet or phone and wish sometimes you could watch them on your actual television too, you need a Chromecast.

Plug this little dongle into your TV set, install the Chromecast app on your phone or tablet, and whatever you’re watching on your mobile device will show up on your big screen, too. Chromecast also works with Spotify: If you have a nice sound system attached to your TV, it’s a great way to get streaming music from your phone to those nice living room speakers.

I wouldn’t be telling you all this if there weren’t a sweet deal here: Right now, until February 28, if you sign up for three months of Spotify (normally $29.97), you’ll get a Chromecast (usually $35) for free. You do the math — but do it quickly. To take advantage of this offer, just follow this Spotify/Chromecast link.


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