Smoked Potatoes from Maple Block Meat Co.

By Chef Adam Cole of Maple Block Meat Co.

2 pounds small potatoes—German Butterballs, fingerlings, or mixed Pee Wees
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
2 tablespoons kosher salt
3 tablespoons barbecue dry rub (optional)
Preferred sauce (It’s pretty difficult to find a sauce that doesn’t work well with smoked, salty potatoes)

Get your smoker up to temp—shoot for a temperature between 225-250ºF.

Wash potatoes well in cold water to remove dirt. Do not peel.

Dry potatoes completely using paper towels. They are a lot more absorbent than a cotton kitchen towel.

Coat potatoes with a thin layer of vegetable oil. Get your hands in there and mix it around. It is important to coat them evenly.  

In a large mixing bowl, dust potatoes with an even layer of kosher salt or your favorite BBQ rub (I prefer something on the less sweet side for this particular recipe). If you use rub, you do not need as much salt. Roll the potatoes around gently in the bowl and continue to add seasoning gradually and in small amounts, to your desired salt intake needs.  

Transfer potatoes onto a sheet tray in one flat layer. Avoid overcrowding the pan so the potatoes cook evenly.

Smoke potatoes. Time will vary here depending on the size of potato. Check them after 1 hour, then check for doneness every 20 minutes.  

To check the doneness, pinch a potato with your finger. If it’s soft and collapses easily, they are done. If you need to, finish in a conventional oven at 350ºF, just check on them often.

Serve with the sauce of your choice. At Maple Block Meat Co, we serve them with whipped crème fraiche, espelette pepper powder, and shaved chives. They are just as delicious dipped in ketchup, queso, or Alabama white.


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