Someone Please Let These 26 People Know They Are Doing Everything Wrong

1. It’s like a tiny bath, right?

2. Ugh, just switch sides!

3. There’s so much wrong about this picture. The math doesn’t add up, and you can’t negative-tip someone.

4. How’d you get up there?

5. Well, he is obeying the sign.

6. What do you want from me?!

7. Got any bullets in there?

8. Let’s just be friends, okay?

9. You can never be too safe.

10. Ahh, the great outdoors.

11. For a healthier mouth.

12. I think the boat is supposed to go in there.

13. I don’t think anyone noticed a difference. ZING!

14. Yep, that’s where it goes.

15. I’ll get right on that.

16. I remember my first time getting gas.

17. Nice pic!

18. You are an animal.

19. No! It’s all going to waste!

20. This has my palms sweating.

21. OG! OG Notre Dame OG!

22. How does this even happen?

23. Maybe she had a nosebleed.

24. Infuriating.

25. You honestly didn’t notice this?

26. This one adds up, actually.


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