Spice Up Your Winter Style In Seconds With These Creative Scarf Ideas

Spice Up Your Winter Style In Seconds With These Creative Scarf Ideas

February 7, 2016

When it comes to wintertime fashion, there’s no end to the cute clothes that you can wear indoors. Outerwear, on the other hand, can be slightly more challenging.

After all, most people own one coat, one good pair of winter boots, and a handful of cold-weather accessories. With such limited materials, it can be hard to produce a look that’s as stylish in the streets as the chic office-ready ensemble underneath!

Fortunately, most of those winter accessories are pretty flexible. For example, if you’re craving a new beanie, it’s easy as pie to whip one together using this basic tutorial!

That said, everyone knows that the true MVP of winter street style is definitely the humble yet versatile scarf. Not only are scarves perfect for a multitude of DIY projects, they can also be styled into countless brand-new winter looks in seconds flat!

In fact, coming up with a cute and quirky new way to tie your scarf is probably the easiest way to add a hint of pizzazz to your outerwear look. Best of all, just take off your coat, and it easily transitions into an adorable statement accessory for the indoors, too!

Check out the video for step-by-step instructions on our very favorite ways to tie a scarf. And if you can’t wait to rock one of these styles this winter, make sure you with fashion-forward friends and family on Facebook!



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