Spirited Chocolate Pairings Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Spirited Chocolate Pairings Perfect for Valentine’s Day

February 11, 2016

Chocolates and wine is one pairing everyone, single or coupled up, needs this Valentine’s Day.

It makes sense the two indulgences go so well together. Both are affected by the terroir of where the grapes or cacao are grown, and both go through a fermentation process.

Norman Love, a chocolatier based in South Florida, has seen a huge increase in demand for chocolate and wine pairing classes.

“As many as we could find time to do, they would all sell out,” Love says.

Part of the fun is getting as nerdy as you want. Getting a dark chocolate bar from the grocery store and pairing it with a bold red wine can be fun, or going deeper and trying to match specific single-origin chocolates to different wine varietals.

We’ve got some ideas to get you started, some fun limited-time only collaborations, and a few spirit suggestions to kick the night up a notch.

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