Stop Throwing Out Old Food! These 17 Hacks Will Have You Cooking With Scraps

1. You probably already knew that the best way to use up too-ripe bananas is to make banana bread. But if you don’t have time to whip up a loaf right away, you can put black bananas in the freezer and save them for later.

2. When you throw away the rind of a watermelon, you’re throwing away edible food! Instead of tossing them, pickle your watermelon rinds for a unique summer treat.

3. If you didn’t finish your morning pot of coffee, don’t throw the leftover brew down the drain. Freeze it and save it for a unique coffee-based treat, like these mocha popsicles.

4. Save the pickle juice from your store-bought pickles and use it to make pickled everything.

5. It’s impossible to get all of the meat off your chicken or steak bones, so save them and make meat stock for soups.

6. You can save slightly mushy vegetables for soup stock, too.

7. Vegetable tops are edible and full of nutrients.

8. Save bacon grease and use it to fry up breakfast foods.

9. Stale bread can be used to make croutons or bread pudding.

10. And stale potato chips make for a unique breading on chicken.

11. Broccoli stalks make great coleslaw.

12. Before celery, carrots, and onions get old, cut them up and freeze them.

13. Fry potato skins to make crispy, homemade chips.

14. You can use apple peels and apple cores to make jelly.

15. Give slaw a tangy flavor by adding slightly mealy apple slices.

16. Don’t let herbs wilt in the refrigerator. Throw them in the blender with just a little bit of olive oil. Then freeze them in an ice tray for later use.

17. In the fall, save the innards from your carved pumpkins and make protein-rich roasted seeds.

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