Strictly’s Davood Ghadami ‘too tired’ for sex with wife | Latest Celebrity News 2017 | News Channel

His ‘romantic rapport’ with his former Playboy model Strictly Come Dancing partner has been praised by the judging panel.But married EastEnders actor Davood Ghadami says his wife of seven years, Isobel, need not worry about the Strictly Curse – as he claims he’s so tired after rehearsals with Nadiya Bychkova that his sex life is on hold until the show is over.The soap star, 35, revealed that training with the sizzling dancer leaves his body ‘aching’ so that all he can do of an evening is crawl into bed – and he’s even admitted to being so exhausted that on occasion he’s forgotten to eat before dozing off.Davood, who scooped his highest score yet of 29 with the Ukranian beauty in the live show last week, told the Sun: ‘I haven’t got the time or the energy.At the moment, your head is full of steps, beats and timings. Your body is aching.’I’ve been working quite late, getting in early. I sometimes forget to eat that’s how bad it is.Even my most basic needs are overlooked. ‘He added that while he hasn’t exactly imposed a full-on sex ban between himself and Isobel, he’s fully expecting to have to put all intimacy on hold until the end of his time on the show, which could be as late as mid-December.Davood, who plays Kush Kazemi in the Walford-based drama, said: ‘It’s maybe an IOU.You know in the back of your mind that, worst case scenario, it’s to the middle of December and not forever.’The candid interview comes after judge Bruno Tonioli came under fire for his remarks about the pair’s chemistry.Professional Brendan Cole accused Bruno of ‘lowering the tone’ by making racy remarks about the dancing companions.After the pair – who are both married with children – glided across the floor in a Viennese waltz to Jessie Ware’s Say You Love Me, Bruno exclaimed: ‘I’m always so hot when I watch you two dance.’He added: ‘The power of the romantic rapport you have. You really smoulder, you really connect when you dance.’His comments were made in reaction to Bruno claiming that Davood and Nadiya looked as though they were ‘ready to race to the bedroom’ following their steamy Samba dance the week before.Speaking in his Best magazine column, Brendan wrote: ‘I didn’t approve of Bruno’s comment to Davood and Nadiya the other week.’If it was said about two single people, like Mollie and AJ, then maybe it would have been OK – but both Davood and Nadiya have partners and children.’Strictly’s also a family show – imagine your kid asking you what “race to the bedroom” means?’ he added.


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