Sultry Norwegian ‘Viking’ Slays on Instagram

A hunky Norwegian Naval Lt. has been dubbed a “modern-day Viking” for conquering Instagram with his muscles, well-groomed beard, and tousled mane.

Lasse Matberg, 30 years old and 6-feet 6-inches tall, has more than 123,000 followers on the social media site — up from 500 just a year ago.

All but about four of his 159 posts are photos of himself in various poses — chopping wood, surfing, biking, traveling, working out at the gym, cuddling his Pomeranian, and mainly just standing around looking seductive and brawny with his long hair either falling past his shoulders or pulled into a serious man bun.

Each image gets flooded with thousands of likes and hundreds of flirty, worshipful comments in a range of languages from both women and men.

The first to take note of Matberg’s popularity was VG TV, a Norwegian web channel. The Local (featuring Norwegian news in English) then picked up the story on Apr. 29, noting that the “modern-day Norwegian Viking” was “hot enough to melt snow” and an “apparent reincarnation of Thor.”

According to its translation, Matberg told VG TV that the comments on his posts range “from the mildly inappropriate to the borderline obsessive,” and that some women have proposed marriage or requested he impregnate them.

The British tabloid The Sun took it from there, declaring he has followers “lusting thanks to his Viking-style long blonde hair and bulging muscles.” And Matberg made his Norwegian television debut on Wednesday, appearing shirtless on TV 2.

We’ve reached out to Matberg for more details on his dating status, so stay tuned. In the meantime, there’s this: Regarding his well-trimmed facial hair, he notes on a recent post, “Representing Bearded Villains. I’m part of a worldwide brotherhood and my beard is not a trend.” Duly noted.

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