Summer Lovin’ For Your Valentine

“Life’s a beach with you!” Words that bring us out of the winter chill and remind us of sunny weekends and vacations spent with the ones we love. 

This Valentine’s Day, if you want to bring back memories of warm days spent together (or perhaps plant the seed for a little impromptu beach get-a-way), make your Valentine a sandy one. 

If you have a few seashells you picked up on your last trip to the water (if you don’t, you can pick them up at a craft store), this is the time to put them to use and turn them into a gift with some memories attached. A little color, a cocktail umbrella, and some sand, and your square glass vase turns into a day at the beach. And just in case you’re feeling vibrant, Michael’s and other craft stores sell different colored sands – so go ahead, have fun with it!


  • Short glass vase
  • 3 sheets of different colored paper
  • Cocktail umbrella
  • Colorful seashells
  • A piece of felt
  • Small rubber bouncy ball
  • Sand
  • Sharpee


  • Scissors


1. Fill a short glass vase ¾ of the way with sand.

2. Cut three squares out of different colored paper, each one smaller than the one before. Glue them on top of each other.

3. Write “Life’s a Beach with You!” on the smallest, innermost circle.

4. Cut a small rectangle from the felt. This will serve as your ‘towel.’

5. Place the shells, towel, bouncy ball (beach ball) and cocktail umbrella on the sand. Then place your card in the sand. 


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