Super Bowl Food for a Killer Party: Nachos, Wings, and More

Super Bowl Food for a Killer Party: Nachos, Wings, and More

February 5, 2016

With the Super Bowl being the most watched sporting event of the year in the U.S., Super Bowl parties have practically become a patriotic duty. Spectators gather not only to follow the game but to live-tweet crazy commercials and sing along with the halftime show (or hope for some sort of wardrobe malfunction to gossip about).

Amid all that wild revelry, one can definitely work up an appetite.

To make sure your friends and family are well fueled through every punt and play of Super Bowl 50, we’ve gathered a collection of indulgent Super Bowl food ideas and recipes perfect for feeding a crowd.

From foolproof fried chicken sandwiches approved by the guys at to old-fashioned cheeseburgers crafted by chef Sean Brock to spicy sausage-and-pepper subs created by grill guru Joe Carroll, there are sammies to suit all tastes. 

If you prefer to cook your meal ahead of time in a casserole, look no further than Food Network’s Buffalo mac ’n’ cheese or perhaps blogger Dan Whalen’s 12-layer lasagna. Both serve up can’t-fail flavor combinations.

Classic game-day fare such as meatballs, wings, and pizza all make an appearance — as well as a few unexpected-but-mouthwatering treats, like deep-fried avocado fries and a tower of nachos layered with pumpkin seeds and mornay sauce. This way you can mix some of your old traditions with fun, new dishes.

Wash everything down with a refreshing beer cocktail, boozy root beer float, or premade Sazerac and your party is sure to score high with guests.

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