Tata Harper Has Changed the Way I View Contouring

As someone with a round, smushy (ahem, "collagen-bountiful") face, I see the appeal of extreme contouring. The concept of sculpting your ideal face with a mix of creams and powders as opposed to going under the knife sounds fantastic, but the results can sometimes be a bit too intense. My pores start to feel claustrophobic when I’m wearing too many layers of heavy makeup and my face gets itchy, so I’ve typically eschewed the method.

Then Tata Harper came along with her Luminous Definition contouring kit, and I jumped at the chance to try it out. 

Previously enamoured with her creamy lip and cheek tints, I knew the texture and colour payoff on the contouring products would be subtle and glow-enhancing with bonus skin-nourishing benefits (neuropeptide technology, sunflower and açai fruit oils), and hey, I was not wrong!

The pots in their glory, and the brush I favour for blending (read on!)

The highlighting shade rivals my other favourite highlighter, RMS Living Luminizer, but I would say that the latter has a dewier, stickier finish and more sheen than pigment, while Tata’s has a brightening and lightening effect — much needed for actual highlighting.

The bronzing shade is easy to blend and buildable, with the ideal hue — not too brown, not too grey, and certainly not too orange. It creates subtle shading that can be applied straight from the pot with your fingers.

Kooky pre-blending face.

If you, however, want application that’s a little more precise, you can buff the two shades in with a soft brush. I’ve been using the Artis Oval 6, which looks like a futuristic toothbrush for a very luxurious and large alien, but instead provides a soft, airbrushed finish when used with any product. It also comes in a giant velvet-lined box that seems superfluous at first but actually makes a great vessel for storing makeup or other odds and ends afterwards.

After: no harsh lines, just subtle definition, warmth, and a glow I wish came naturally.
  • Are you a contouring fanatic or do you leave it to the pros and the YouTube crowd?
  • Do you dig cream formulas for shading and highlighting or are you a powder devotee?
  • Are there any beauty trends you are just plain bad at?

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