Teen Friends Found Dead Within Hours of Each Other

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On Saturday night, 17-year-old Hillary Kate Kuizon was reported missing. By a few hours after midnight Sunday, both she and a friend, 17-year-old Ritu Sachdeva, had both been found dead by suspected suicide in Murphy, Texas. 

“If … there was some sort of pact, we need to know that because it may lead to further tragedies such as this one,” a city spokesman says, per the Dallas Morning News. “We don’t know if it was but we don’t want to discount the possibility offhand.” Relatives found Ritu’s body in her home, and within just a few hours, police found Hillary’s body in a wooded area.

The medical examiner has yet to release the causes of death of the Plano East High School students—who were friends, police tell CBS DFW. “Both deaths occurred within hours of each other under circumstances that have led investigators to presume they were both self-inflicted,” says the Murphy Police Department in a statement. “No motives have been identified, and no evidence of foul play has so far been detected." 

Friends of the girls tell Fox 4 they didn’t seem depressed, and were well-liked. (An Alaska village recently experienced a suicidal domino effect.)

By Evann Gastaldo

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