The 22 Most Awesome Things About Living Your Life With A Doggy Best Buddy

1. They’re so loyal, they hate seeing you leave, even for a second.

2. Which is why they are always, ALWAYS so happy to see you.

3. Their unconditional love can also give you a great confidence boost.

4. They really teach you how to appreciate the little things in life.

5. Two words: dog snuggles.

6. They find a new way to make us laugh just about every day.

7. They need regular walks, which also helps you stay healthy…most of the time.

8. Studies show they even help lower our blood pressure!

9. Studies also show that growing up with a dog can help reduce the risk of eczema and allergies.

10. You will never get tired of hearing how adorable your cutie is, because they are the cutest.

11. Seeing the look on their face when you say simple words like “walk” or “treat.”

12. There really isn’t any better nap buddy in the world.

13. The pride you feel when you see your smart pup figure out a problem.

14. And how hilarious it is when you can still confuse them with the fake ball throw.

15. When you’re sick or just feeling glum, they always know to give you some extra love.

16. Experiencing their borderline-psychotic freedom run when you take them out in the morning.

17. You’ll never have to eat alone again!

18. They won’t judge you for that bad haircut or outfit. (Too much.)

19. When you’re happy, they’re ECSTATIC.

20. No need to spend a lot of money for fancy, fur-lined clothing.

21. Need help cleaning up spilled food? They’ll be more than happy to lend a paw.

22. Big or small, your pup will do his part in keeping you and your family safe.


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