The 5 Areas Of Life Where Giving No F*cks Is Always The Best Policy

1. On your weight and that damn scale

While it’s okay to want to be fit and healthy, obsessing over every little thing you eat is not going to help your mind or your body. Try to focus on eating a healthy diet, but every now and then go to town on a pizza or dessert. Life should be fun and eating shouldn’t be THAT stressful. 

2. On love and living the single life

STOP trying to make something happen. Embrace your single years, it’s the time in your life when you can really find out who you are. Go out and be social, maybe get a dating app or two, but DON’T STRESS if something doesn’t happen right away. All good things take time. 

3. On the haters

The haters are gonna hate. So let them. By living your life and attempting to not care what everyone else thinks of you will free up a lot of emotional energy. People are always going to find things to talk about…so you just gotta do you and be okay with it. 

4. On the drama – LET IT GOOOO

Seriously, in the words of LC "Don’t get all ninth grade on me" – that is exactly right. Drama was for middle school or high school, but now that you’re older, you should remove yourself from a dramatic or toxic situation. Sure every now and then it’s fun to participate in a little bit of gossip, but when the drama gets to be too much, peace the eff out. 

5. On this stressful thing called life

Try not to stress over things that don’t need to be stressed about. Again, it is easier said than done, but just TRY. If that doesn’t work, go to yoga. Namaste, y’all.