The Manhattan Bridge Is World Famous. What They Just Found Living There Shocked Everyone

The Manhattan Bridge is one of the most popular architectural features in Brooklyn.

But recently, it was discovered that some residents have been using it for more than just transportation.

What most passersby don't know is that there are actually people living in the support beams above them.

It was discovered by seeing a man climb a chain link fence to a small area above.

Authorities were then called to investigate the matter.

And they weren't prepared for what they would find…

There is a very small space between the upper deck, the subway and bike lines..

And to their surprise, people have been turning this tight crawl space into a place to live.

They found a man living in a space that was only 10 x 1.5 ft.

The space was just barely big enough to crawl through.

This is all of the belongings that workers removed from the space.

How did he fit all of his belongings into such a space?!

It's amazing that he had been living in this space for so long…

…Not to mention, he was able to store all of his belongings, too.

The only question we have now is, where will this man go?

H/T Izismile