The Most Recent Episode of Grey's Anatomy Has Pretty Much Destroyed Its Entire Fan Base

In a completely shocking move, one of the main characters throughout the entire series and certainly the primary love interest of Meredith and fans alike, was killed off the show. One Derek Shepherd, AKA McDreamy, was killed as a result of a brain injury, a tragically ironic death for an accomplished, renowned neurosurgeon.

And fans are NOT HAPPY. While comments have always been made about show creator Shonda Rhimes having an unparalleled ability to toy with fans' emotions, people felt like she took it to a new level with this.

Here is the heart-wrenching scene itself:

And then when one of the show's stars expressed her own onset depression about the ending…

The Twitter floodgates opened with some VERY personal expressions of the same depression.

Although we can't help feeling happy for the people who said it was the worst night of their lives…#notabadlife

But all hyperbole aside…we have a feeling fans are going to take a WHILE to get over this one.