The New Lilly Pulitzer Line at Target Sold Out in Seconds When People Attacked the Racks

Normally, the Lilly Pulitzer collection is extremely expensive, but the Target line was going to be dramatically reduced in price.

The Target collection prices ranged from 2 to 150 dollars. Normally a dress from the Lilly Line could be a couple hundred dollars. FOR A SINGLE DRESS. 

Because of this, naturally a lot of girls wanted to get their hands on some of the beloved fashion clothing and accessories.

And the lines were LONG. 

And, in most locations, everything sold out in a matter of minutes.

And, of course, the website crashed, because, basic bitches meets Target meets Lilly Pulizter = MADNESS.

Some people made out okay though. And they made sure to let it be known on Instagram.

Because, of course.

Some girls were not so lucky.

And they still posted it on Instagram. 

And then this happened. People were buying everything they could at Target to go home and immediately sell it on eBay for more money.

And basic bitches everywhere totally FREAKED.

Did you though?