The #Selfeet Is the New Avocado Toast

(Photo: @ihavethisthingwithfloors/Instagram)

Say goodbye to a Instagram feed of avocado on toast and Valencia filtered selfies because the latest Instagram trend is guaranteed to add some eccentricity. Want to know how to join in on the latest social media craze? The good news is it’s pretty low maintenance — although you might want to book yourself a pedicure before partaking. Become familiar with the “selffeet,” a selfie, so to speak, of one’s feet, because it’s the next #OOTD.

There’s even an account, @IHaveThisThingWithFloors, dedicated to the images that are the product of “when feet meet nice floors.” The results — even those without a foot or floor fetish have to admit — are beautiful. 

The popular account is inundated with users creating their own #selffeets in hopes that their images will get featured. So it’s time to get on your best shoes and go in search of the most decadent and colorful floors. Bonus points if the shoes and floor match. An image of a bright pair of colorful yellow Converse on a matching floor has racked up an impressive 23.2k likes.

Well we know what we are going to be doing on our summer holiday this year. But first to investigate which hot sunny country has the most aesthetically pleasing floors.

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