The Sneaky New Ways Tech-Savvy Kids Are Cheating

Smart technology has all kinds of handy uses when you’re a kid who hasn’t studied. (Photo: Getty Images)

The rise of wearable smart technology has also birthed new methods of cheating — and we aren’t talking about sneakers with the answers written on the soles. 

Earlier this week, some 3,000 medical students at Rangsit University in Bangkok, Thailand, were informed they’d need to retake their final exams after at least three of their peers were caught participating in a sophisticated high-tech cheating ring. And no — cheating on an exam is never an admirable thing. But that’s not to say it can’t be pretty freaking impressive. 

Here’s how the Three Muskacheats (nearly) pulled it off, as per the Bangkok Post:   

“Proxies wearing camera-equipped glasses were sent to take the exams. After filming the exam sheets by the camera, the gang members left the test center with the information. Another person waiting outside downloaded the tests to a computer and emailed them to one or more tutorial schools. They sent the answers back to the students on their smartwatches.” 



Naturally, there was lots of cash involved, as well. The proxies, who recorded the exams for 45 minutes (the minimum amount of time a student was required to stay in the testing room), were paid well for their duties: One cheating student admitted to handing over an initial deposit of 50,000 baht ($1,415), with plans to pay 800,000 ($22,640) more if he passed. 

As of Tuesday, two pairs of camera-equipped glasses and three smart watches had been seized. No legal action can be taken since, technically, the cheaters broke only their school’s rules — but those directly involved obviously won’t be allowed to retake their exams ever again. Though it sounds like they may have bright futures working as government spies.

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