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The untold truth of Ed Sheeran

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When Ed Sheeran emerged on the music scene, he blessed us with catchy tunes that swiftly rose to the top of music charts. The English singer, songwriter, and guitarist charmed the world with the release of his 2011 debut album + (pronounced as “plus”), and a lot of his appeal was based on his humble, down to earth personality, his boyish charisma, and his soulful ballads, of course. Duets with Andrea Bocelli and Beyoncé soon followed, and after working his tail off to keep us all entertained, he took a brief break from performing in 2017. His absence made us truly miss his presence in the entertainment biz, and it also made us ponder about his life, such as his upbringing and the struggles he has faced. 

We know all of his tunes by heart, but how much do we really know about the “Shape of You” singer? Here’s the untold truth of Ed Sheeran.

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