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The untold truth of Lilly Singh

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Indian-Canadian comedy vlogger Lilly Singh ended 2016 as the richest female YouTuber on the planet, having raked in an as much as $7.5 million from her channel (which has 12.6 million subscribers and counting) as well as her various other ventures. This made her the third highest paid YouTuber overall that year — prankster Roman Atwood came second while PewDiePie remained in the top spot — and she built on that success in 2017, with Forbes recently naming her the top influencer in the entertainment sector. Singh has come a long way from her first upload (a spoken word piece on religion and humanity watched by just 70 people) but she remembers the trials and tribulations of those early days very clearly. From her humble beginnings to her imminent mainstream breakthrough, this is the untold truth of Lilly Singh.

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