The Very Best of Bernard Herrmann (1911-1975)

Forget the track list, just embark on the journey. And this could be one of the most exquisite and satisfying musical experiences of your life.

01.*Vertigo* – Carlotta’s Portrait 0:00:02
02.Transformation 0:01:59
03.Prelude/Rooftop 0:02:11
04.The McKittrick 0:07:05
05.The Bay 0:08:30
06.The Forest 0:10:23
07.The Tower 0:13:48
08.The Letter 0:16:22
09.Scene d’Amour 0:19:40
10.San Juan Bautista 0:26:23
11.*Psycho* – Flight (original score, 1960) 0:29:08
12.Car Lot 0:29:49
13.Hotel Room 0:32:01
14.The Madhouse 0:34:06
15.The Murder (Jerry Goldsmith, conductor) 0:36:00
16.The Clean Up (Danny Elfman/Steve Bartek) 0:36:58
17.The Car 0:38:39
18.The Hill 0:39:32
19.The Cellar 0:40:37
20. Discovery 41:43
21.*North by Northwest* 0:42:04
22.Cheers! 0:45:21
23.The Elevator 0:46:01
24. The U.N. 46:46
25.Crash Of The Cropduster 0:47:46
26.The Television 0:49:50
27.*The Trouble With Harry* – Tea Time 0:50:31
28.*The Wrong Man* – Jail Cell 0:52:11
29.*The Man Who Knew Too Much* 0:53:36
30.*The Birds* – Opening Credits 0:55:52
31.*Marnie* – The Nightmare/The Word Game 0:57:33
32.*Torn Curtain* – The Killing 0:59:11
33.*The Devil & Daniel Webster* – Pursuit & Happiness 1:01:16
34.*Hangover Square* – Concerto Macabre 1:04:01
35.*5 Fingers* – The Safe 1:15:56
36.*Citizen Kane* 1:19:07 (“Rosebud” at 1:21:06)
37.Salamnbo Aria (Kiri Te Kanawa) 1:21:48
38.*Wuthering Heights* – I have dreamt (Renée Fleming) 1:26:06
39.*The Ghost and Mrs. Muir* 1:29:00
40.*The 7th Voyage of Sinbad* 1:32:59
41.*Fahrenheit 451* 1:33:58
42.*The Day The Earth Stood Still* 1:35:37
43.*Journey to the Center of the Earth* – Mountain Top & Sunrise 1:37:38
44.*The Egyptian* 1:39:50
45.*On Dangerous Ground* 1:41:30
46.*Cape Fear* 1:43:54
47.*It’s Alive* – Lamentation 1:45:06
48.*Sisters* – Phillip’s Murder 1:48:20
49.*Obsession* – The Ferry 1:51:24
50.Memorabilia 1:54:11
51.*The Twisted Nerve* 1:57:07
52.*Taxi Driver* 1:58:38
53.”I heard voices” 2:00:55

Bernard Herrmann (June 29, 1911 – December 24, 1975) was an American composer known for his work in motion pictures. In 1941 he received the Academy Award (Oscar ®) for Music Score of a Dramatic Picture, The Devil and Daniel Webster (1:01:16), later renamed All That Money Can Buy. In 1976 he received the BAFTA Award for Best Film Music, for Taxi Driver (1:58:38).

Herrmann is still a prominent figure in the world of film music today, despite his death over 40 years ago. As such, his career has been studied extensively by biographers and documentarians. His string-only score for Psycho, for example, set the standard when it became a new way to write music for thrillers (rather than big fully orchestrated pieces). In 1992 a documentary, Music for the Movies: Bernard Herrmann, was made about him. Also in 1992 a 2½ hour long National Public Radio documentary was produced on his life — Bernard Herrmann: A Celebration of his Life and Music (Bruce A. Crawford). In 1991, Steven C. Smith wrote a Herrmann biography titled A Heart at Fire’s Center, a quotation from a favorite Stephen Spender poem of Herrmann’s.

His music continues to be used in films and recordings after his death. “Georgie’s Theme” from Herrmann’s score for the 1968 film Twisted Nerve (1:57:07) is whistled by one-eyed nurse Elle Driver in the hospital corridor scene in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Vol. 1. The opening theme from Vertigo (0:02:11) was used in the prologue to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” video, and during a flashback sequence in the pilot episode of FX’s American Horror Story, which also featured “Georgie’s Theme” in later episodes as a recurring musical motif for the character of Tate. Fellow film composer Danny Elfman adapted Herrmann’s music for Psycho (0:36:58) for use in director Gus Van Sant’s 1998 remake and borrowed from Herrmann’s “Mountaintop/Sunrise” theme (1:37:38), from Journey to the Center of the Earth, for his main Batman theme. On their 1977 album Ra, American progressive rock group Utopia also adapted “Mountaintop/Sunrise,” in a rock arrangement, as the introduction to the album’s opening song, “Communion With The Sun.” And most recently, Ludovic Bource used the love theme from Vertigo literally in the last reels of 2011’s The Artist (0:19:40).

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  1. RAY L February 14, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    Some people may not realize that Bernard Herrmann was the most iconic and prolific movie music composer of the 20th century. Just because he died in 1975, just after have composed the music score of Taxi Drive, the newer generations don't know him. But from Twisted Nerve to Psycho, all his contribution to the movie industry was unmesurable. John Williams and Pino Donaggio among others have followed his work very closely. So… take your time and listen to all this incredible music score you'll find in this collection. Thanks gettyO89 for share it!

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