There Was A Mini Lizzie McGuire Reunion And Your 10-Year-Old Self Is Freaking Out

Lizzie McGuire is pretty much what got us through middle school. Amirite?

Whether she was teaching us about clothes…

How to deal with annoying siblings…

Or how to deal with the mean girl in school, Lizzie was always the idol that we looked up to and admired.

After all, she had amazing friends.

And taught us how to give the perfect side eye.

And for that, we will always be grateful. 

Recently, Hilary Duff has been making all sorts of headlines from dying her hair crazy cool colors to admitting that she is on Tinder.


Jake Thomas, Hilary’s on-screen brother, Matt, posted a photo of him, Hilary, and Lalaine Vergara-Paras hanging out at a bowling alley. Needless to say, PEOPLE ARE FREAKING. Twitter exploded with Nostalgic tweets and pure joy about the fact that the former cast mates still see each other from time to time. 

People were pretty emotional about the photo:

And, we can confirm, that this was actually real life. 

So, basically, this is what dreams are made of.

And to all of the Lizzie McGuire cast, "you rock, don’t ever change!"