There’s a Rainbow Bagel And You Don’t Have to Die and Go to Candyland to Get it

Scot Rossillo, aka the Bagel Artist, has a dizzying take on the traditional bagel that’s sure to make you either giddy or gaggy. 

The Rainbow Bagel, available at Rossillo’s Brooklyn-based bakery, the Bagel Shop, is his attempt to offer customers something they can’t get anywhere else.

Photo: The Bagel Shop

It takes five hours of consistent, hands-on work to make a batch of just 100 of these delicate, psychedelic treats. In the same amount of time, the shop could produce 1,000 traditional bagels.

Popular on Instagram, the highly photogenic rainbow bagel is served with Funfetti cream cheese. Another one of Rossillo’s more-is-more inventions, funfetti cream cheese is a mixture of cream cheese frosting, crumbled yellow cake, and sprinkles, of course!

The childhood memories don’t end there. The Bagel Shop also offers a cotton candy bagel (served with actual tufts of cotton candy), a French toast bagel, and seasonal creations like candy corn bagels and Valentine’s bagels that are served with red velvet cream cheese.

For those of you not satisfied with the contact sugar high you’re getting, don’t worry, the Bagel Shop ships to anywhere in the U.S.


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