There’s Absolutely Nothing Normal About These 23 Unexplained Vintage Pictures

1. I really hope that grasshopper isn’t real.

2. Grudge match?

3. The creepiest school play ever.

4. The real rivalry.

5. No one will ever know the context of this photo. Never.

6. There is just no reason for any of this.

7. Modern art is getting weirder and weirder.

8. These clowns are coming for your soul.

9. This doesn’t look safe.

10. A gentleman’s disagreement?

11. No one is having a good time here.

12. Worst swimming lesson ever.

13. This the last thing you see before you’re brutally murdered.

14. That poor dog…

15. Charming…and creepy.

16. “Can I ask you two for directions?”

17. A more terrifying version of Eyes Wide Shut.

18. Luckily, these dolls have no arms with which to murder you.

19. Futuristic hats?

20. Dead, frozen horses.

21. The workshop of horrors.

22. Just taking her snake for a walk, or something…

23. “Care for a cup of tea?”


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