These 13 Animals Need You To Step Aside So They Can Capture The Money Shot

1. "Okay, I think we've done enough experimenting for one day."

2. "Oh that's it, that's the money shot."

3. "No, no…that DOF won't do."

4. "You're probably gonna want to get a lens with a better shutter speed."

5. "I don't take pictures…I capture stories."

6. "When I say long-exposure, it means you don't get to move…like, at all."

7. "I only use natural lighting."

8. "We need to hurry, the golden hours are waning."

9. "I'm more focused on capturing shots that make the viewer think."

10. "I said you could see it, not molest it."

11. "The brokeh in that one was just perfect."

12. "Yeah, I'm gonna need my wide-angle."

13. "God am I good."