These 15 Parents Haven't Lost Their Sense of Humor, Corny as It May Be

1. When your name's Andrea and you make beet preserves, it only makes sense.

2. "This is my 'sup bruh' face."

He’ll probably stop making fun of you, when you stop taking selfies. Just sayin’.

3. "Little further back honey…liiiittle more…perfect."

4. They're not immature. They're just opportunistic.

5. When their son told them a murderer escaped from the prison nearby…

"What?? A murder?!? Where???"

6. "You said you wanted cold, hard cash, right??"

The classic "okay, it was a little funny, but still…mostly stupid" face.

7. The only acceptable kind of torture.

You will get along, and you will hate it.

8. After leaving for college, Rusty moved into Scott's old room.

This is just beyond words.

9. "Yeah honey, you can have some gas money…it's in the top left drawer."

10. Merry Christmas…BAZINGAAA!

11. You've been replaced…by a much cuter someone special.

And he takes better pictures than you.

12. Perfect form.

13. To cry, or to laugh? That is the question.

14. Now let's eat this thing already!

Nothin’ more appetizing than a "sperm" cake.

15. Preach it mom.