These 19 Urinals Are Actually Kind Of Amazing

1. For every guy who has always wanted a motorcycle.

2. Definitely not for anyone afraid of heights.

3. For those times you just can't bring yourself to stay standing up.

4. Interactive urinals may be the best thing ever…

(Or maybe the worst…)

5. The perfect urinal for shark week.

6. Never miss a second of the game!

7. This one just seems mean…

8. The wall changes color as it gets warm.

9. A little less mean…just hope you don't get performance anxiety.

10. Outdoor urinals. Because why not.

11. I…I don't even know what to say.

12. NOPE! Spikes and urinals do not mix.

13. Seems like a great way to recycle an old keg!

14. No comment…

15. Guess it's ok to play with your pee.

16. Please don't pee on real flowers.

17. These are some very creepy mannequins.

18. Probably not the best idea to pee into real instruments…

19. He seems to really enjoy that…to each their own, I guess.