These 20 Dads Just Proved They’re The Best Parents In The World

1.) Nothing like teaching kids healthy living early on.

2.) Just give daddy a few minutes to nap…

3.) Story time is my favorite.

4.) “I love my daughter, I love my daughter.”

5.) Practice makes perfect, sweetheart.

6.) Families who play together, stay together.

7.) We’re ready for our close-up.

8.) It’s too cold to go to the playground.

9.) Awesome doesn’t begin to describe this.

10.) Father of the year.

11.) I take it back. He wins.

12.) Multitasking during Call of Duty. Nice!

13.) In your dreams, dad.

14.) Clearly an engineer for a dad.

15.) Alright, son. Let’s do this.

16.) Whatever it takes to keep ’em happy.

17.) They’re never too old to need a boost.

18.) Teaching never ends.

19.) Dads have the best sidekicks.

20.) And the most fun.

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