These 23 Insanely Creepy Vintage Ads Will Give You Nightmares

1.) Clowns are terrible spokespeople for all products.

2.) This child looks like he’s in pain. I wouldn’t buy that chocolate.

3.) This child looks like pure evil.

4.) Plastic wrap: literally a place you should never, ever, EVER put babies.

5.) As if anyone ever “store-tests for freshness.”

6.) Yeah…I don’t think this is an accurate portrayal of what would happen if your baby got a hold of your shaving razor.

7.) My grandpa said he had toothaches a lot as a kid. Now I know why.

8.) I think I’m missing something here.

9.) Lobsters are just as good as horses, apparently.

10.) Umm…what the what?!

11.) This ad is a whole lotta nope!

12.) There is no tempting way to serve bananas.

13.) Well, this is disturbing.

14.) Are you sure that’s just root beer? That baby looks drunk.

15.) This image might just haunt my dreams tonight.

16.) That poor dog.

17.) Peter Pain is the cousin of Peter Pan, and he’s apparently a real jerk.

18.) Why does a mutant carrot want to be beef flavored?

19.) So the devil is promoting tabasco sauce?

20.) What the heck happened here? How is this ad about soap?

21.) Who knew pirates love baby tigers?

22.) Great. More babies wrapped in plastic.

23.) How is a pig mutilating itself considered a good ad?

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