These 29 Moms And Their Adorable Babies Are Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

1. A momma and her mustang baby.

2. I’m pretty sure it’s protocol to suck your own thumb.

3. They’re literally being taken under her wing.

4. Itty-bitty kitties will always be adorable.

5. Big cats are beautiful, too!

6. Sleep tight, little guy.

7. Momma could not be more proud of her little ones!

8. …How do you tell them apart?

9. Tiny elephants, or puppies?

10. I never thought about how cute baby dolphins could be!

11. “Look at my baby! Look how cute she is!”

12. Snuggle time is crucial in this pride.

13. This little guy is clearly hungry.

14. These little chinchillas are the softest little snugglers.

15. “But mom, I want to play with the other cubs!”


17. Bath time!

18. “Yeahhh, that’s where it’s itchy!”

19. They have to keep warm somehow!

20. “It’s raining? That’s weird, I don’t feel anything.”

21. Enjoy it now; you won’t be allowed to ride piggyback once you have a growth spurt!

22. Single file, now.

23. “Ma, I gotta secret…”

24. Puppy puddle!

25. Whoever said anteaters aren’t cute is WRONG.

26. Look at that tiny tusk!

27. Baby boars are now my favorite!

28. That’s some serious snuggling.

29. Her neck is as long as her mom’s head!

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