These Animals All Have Their Dancing Shoes On, And They’re Not Taking Them Off!

1. “I call this the turtle.”

2. Make ya neck work!

3. Just a couple of cubs doing a rain dance.

4. Just because they need a little assistance doesn’t mean they don’t feel the groove.

5. He may not have shoulders to work, but he’s still got it.

6. Do you think she can do the splits?

7. “Traaaaaa-la-laa!”

8. Puppy pointe.

9. When you’re standing at the back of a crowd at a concert.

10. This is the cat version of the cup song dance.

11. All you really need is a good dance partner.

12. You have to be brave sometimes and be the one to ask your partner for a dance.

13. “Hey baby, let’s forget all our worries tonight ;)”

14. When you see your ideal dance partner across the room.

15. Like mother, like daughter.

16. I wouldn’t mess with this creepy cat at “da club.”

17. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to dance.

18. “Gotta pull out the big hops to impress the ladies.”

19. Oooh, a double!

20. Cats are the best, though.

21. “Boop boop boop it’s time for a treat!”

22. You know, still shots sometimes aren’t as flattering as the real thing.


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